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We desire to unite people and cultures

This first-class New York City hotel is a premiere destination for work or for play, or a combination of both. As one of the most historic of midtown Manhattan hotels near Times Square and nestled at the doorstep of the new Hudson Yards development, you are ensured to taste the past and present of NYC in its heart of hearts.

Whether you are enjoying cocktails and dinner at two on-site restaurants, sending photos of the Flatiron Building home via Wi-Fi Internet access, enjoying a workout at the 24-hour fitness center or catching up on work in the 24-hour businesscenter , find everything you need at this cosmopolitan, Art Deco-style midtown Manhattan hotel.

Meet our team



Pernottamento e colazione 50,00€

Mezza pensione 65,00€

Pensione completa 70,00€


Pernottamento e colazione 55,00€

Mezza pensione 75,00€

Pensione completa 80,00€


Pernottamento e colazione 85,00€

Mezza pensione 63,00€ (COSTO A PERSONA)

Pensione completa 68,00€ (COSTO A PERSONA)


Pernottamento e colazione 95,00€

Mezza pensione 55,00€ (COSTO A PERSONA)

Pensione completa 60,00€ (COSTO A PERSONA)


Pernottamento e colazione 100,00€

Mezza pensione 55,00€ (COSTO A PERSONA)

Pensione completa 60,00€ (COSTO A PERSONA)


* Solo per i mesi di luglio e agosto

- Prezzi Compresi di Iva

- No tassa di Soggiorno

Why we are different

Each room at our hotel is decorated with great taste. Designers’ solutions will impress you greatly. Each and every trifle is here for your comfort.

Unlike any other hotel in the USA, we provide not only high quality accommodation services, but also a lot of additional services. Our clients and guests receive top-notch level of service 24/7. It is possible due to our professional staff, consisting of perfectly trained receptionist, concierges, chambermaids, bellboys and other specialists. Moreover, our guests are always welcome to offer new improvements for our hotel, so that we could make our service better. We are always ready to cooperate and develop.

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